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Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society

Issues Index

Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society, formerly Wisconsin Women’s Law Journal

Vol. I – Spring 1985

Foreword, by The Honorable Shirley S. Abrahamson


The Wisconsin Marital Property Act: Highlights of the Wisconsin Experience in Developing a Model for Comprehensive Common Law Property Reform, by June Miller Weisberger

Collins v. Eli Lilly & Company: The DES Causation Problem and Risk Contribution Theory, by James C. Burr

Artificial Insemination by Donor: Practical and Legal Issues Involved in Single Motherhood, by Karen A. Morrisey


Gender and Privacy in the Prisons, by Penelope Dinneen Hillemann

Book Review:

A Worldly Character and One of Many Sides, Reviewed by Donald Yacovone

Vol. II – Spring 1986


Alternative Families: Obtaining Traditional Family Benefits Through Litigation, Legislation and Collective Bargaining, by Barbara J. Cox

Quest for Labor Standards in the Era of Eleanor Roosevelt: The Case of Industrial Homework, by Eileen Boris

Pornography: The Supreme Court Rejects a Call for New Restrictions, by Gordon B. Baldwin


Deconstructing CLS-FEM Split, by Robin West


Law Enforcement and Prosecutor Responses to Domestic Violence: Non-Involvement to the Application of Criminal Justice Sanctions, by Katherine Lynn Held

The Constitutional Privacy Right as Applied to Psychotherapy Communications, by Mary Patricia Field

Book Reviews:

Abortion and the Politics of Motherhood, Reviewed by Sally Markowitz

Governing the Hearth, Reviewed by Elizabeth B. Clark

Vol. III – 1987 – Papers from the 1986 Feminism and Legal Theory Conference:

Introduction to the Papers: The Origins and Purpose of the Feminism and Legal Theory Conference, by Martha L. Fineman


Feminist Theories of (In)Equality, by Kathleen A. Lahey

Religion, Rights, and Difference in the Early Woman's Rights Movement, by Elizabeth B. Clark

The Anti-Subordination Principle: Applications, by Ruth Colker

The Difference in Women's Hedonic Lives: A Phenomenological Critique of Feminist Legal Theory, by Robin L. West

Feminism and Legal Method: The Difference It Makes, by Mary Jane Mossman

Strategizing in Equality, by Diana Majury

Equality Across Difference: A Place for Rights Discourse?, by Christine A. Littleton

Looking at Women's Historians Looking at "Difference," by Eileen Boris

The Unbroken Circle: A Historical and Contemporary Study of Black Single Mothers and Their Families, by Barbara Omolade

Vol. IV – 1988


The Tax Reform Act of 1986: Does It Go Far Enough to Achieve Pension Equity for Women?, by Vicki Gottlich

Pandora's Box: An Essay Review of American Law and Literature on Prostitution, by Anita L. Morse

Bibliography of Resources on American Law and Literature on Prostitution, by Julie Brewer


An Overview of Defense of Battered Women from a Postconviction Perspective, by Susan L. Podebradsky & Mary E. Triggiano-Hunt

Book Reviews:

Feminist Theory: The Intellectual Traditions of American Feminism; and Feminism in France, Reviewed by Susan Erickson

Street Woman, Reviewed by Nancy Frank

Vol. V – 1990


Lesbianism in Anglo-European Legal History, by Ruthann Robson

Spousal Property Agreements: An Evolving Concept  in Wisconsin and Elsewhere, by June Miller Weisberger

One Privacy Provision, Two Privacy Protections: The Right to Privacy in Florida After Roe v. Wade, by Daniel R. Gordon

The Federal Judiciary Engendered, by Carl Tobias


Work Time/Family Time: A Critique of Wisconsin's Family and Medical Leave Law, by Denise Galambos

Coming to Terms with the Politics of Discourse: A Critique of Robin West's Jurisprudence and Gender, by Amy Scarr

Vol. VI – 1991


For Mary Joe Frug: Empowering Women Law Professors, by Leslie Bender

Lower Court Interpretation of the Meritor Decision: Putting Flesh on the Supreme Court's Sexual Harassment Skeleton, by Dawn D. Bennett-Alexander

Equality of Rights Under the Law: State Constitutional Protection for Abortion Rights in Maryland and Beyond, by Samantha Forman

Against the Flow, by Jennifer Jaff


Nametaking: A Model for Feminist Identity, by Beatrice A. Cameron

Pregnancy and Addiction: Eliminating the Saint/Sinner Motif, by Rene I. Augustine


Final Report: Gender Bias Task Force, by Wisconsin Equal Justice Task Force

Vol. VII – 1992 (printed in same volume as Vol. 8 – 1993)


And Baby Makes Three – or Four, or Five, or Six: Redefining the Family After the Reprotech Revolution, by R. Alta Charo

The "Cleaver" Paradigm as an Anachronism in a Multi-Cultural Society, by Marilyn Bowens


Constitutionality of Recognizing Multiple Parental Rights in the Surrogacy Context, by Katherine Kruse


A Practical Analysis of the Constitutional and Legal Infirmities of Norplant as a Condition of Probation, by Megan J. Ballard

Vol. VIII – 1993 (printed in same volume as Vol. 7 – 1992)


"Boys Keep Out!": Historical and Legal Perspectives on the Contributions of All-Female Organizations to Sex Equality, by Claudia Center

Woman's Ghetto Within the Legal Profession, by Marilyn J. Berger & Kari A. Robinson

Do Women Judges Speak "In a Different Voice?": Carol Gilligan, Feminist Legal Theory, and the Ninth Circuit, by Sue Davis


Diversity in the Judiciary: Association for Women Lawyers' Thirteenth Annual Women Judges Night Speech, by Hon. Margaret Dee McGarity

Vol. IX – Winter 1994 – Special Focus: Women's Health and Safety


Video Display Terminals and Reproductive Complications: Regulatory Issues Concerning Health Care in the Workplace, by Cheryl L. Meyer

Stalking Laws – Problem or Solution?, by Marion Buckley

Coerced into Crime: The Application of Battered Woman Syndrome to the Defense of Duress, by Meredith Blake

Book Review:

Giving a Voice to the Silenced: Dalkon Shield Survivors Tell Their Stories, Reviewed by Jennifer Nutt Carleton

Vol. X, No. 1 Spring 1995


Communitarianism and Feminism: The Case Against the Preference for the Two-Parent Family, by Susan B. Apel

No Trifling Matter: How the Legal System Supports Persecution of the Obese, by Maureen J. Arrigo-Ward


Fine Tuning the Wrong Balance: Why the New Rule 412 Does Not Go Far Enough to End Harassment in Sexual Harassment Litigation, by Jennifer E. Smith

Trouble for Mothers in Custody Disputes: Reflections on Prost v. Greene and Ireland v. Smith, by Tricia M. Link & Whitney E. Meier

Abortion in Japan: A Feminist Critique, by Hiromi Maruyama

Vol. X, No. 2 Fall 1995


A Feminist Understanding of Sex-Selective Abortion: Solely a Matter of Choice?, by April L. Cherry

Metaphors Matter: How Images of Battle, Sports, and Sex Shape the Adversary System, by Elizabeth G. Thornburg

An Ethic of Care and the Hazardous Workplace, by Francis J. Carleton & Jennifer Nutt Carleton

Northern Ireland: The Policing of Domestic Violence in Nationalist Communities, by Christine Taylor

Pregnancy Discrimination: Toward Substantive Equality, by Sally J. Kenney

Why J.E.B. v. T.B. Will Fail to Advance Equality: A Call for Discrimination in Jury Selection, by Lorrie L. Luellig

Vol. XI, No. 1 Summer 1996


Where Violence, Relationship, and Equality Meet: The Violence Against Women Act's Civil Rights Remedy, by Victoria F. Nourse

Destabilizing Power in Rape: Why Consent Theory in Rape Law Is Turned on its Head, by Mustafa T. Kasubhai

Trend Analysis: Expert Testimony on Battering and its Effects in Criminal Cases, by Janet Parrish, Esq.

Book Review:

Breaking & Entering: Women Cops Talk About Life in the Ultimate Men's Club. By Connie Fletcher, New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 1995, Reviewed by Sabrina Turner

Vol. XI, No. 2 Fall 1996

An Introspective Essay: From Urinal to Manicure: Challenges to the Scholarship of Tax and Gender, by Beverly Moran


Our Epidemic of Unnecessary Cesarean Sections: The Role of the Law in Creating It, The Role of the Law in Stopping It, by Margaret M. Donohoe

The First Stone in Retrospect: An Outsider's Observations on the Book and its Critics, by Susan Grover

Sweep Searches – The Rights of the Community, and the Guarantees of the Fourth and First Amendments: Moms of the Chicago Public Housing Complex, Revisit Your Civil and Constitutional Rights and Save Your Babies, by Lundy Langston

Forgiving Guin Garcia: Women, the Death Penalty and Commutation, by Lorraine Schmall

In Search of Greater Procedural Justice: Rethinking Lassiter v. Department of Social Services, by Colene Flynn

Vol. XI, No. 3 Summer 1997


Connectedness and Closeted Questions: The Use of History in Developing Feminist Legal Theory, by Pamela D. Bridgewater

The Future of Feminist Legal Theory, by Patricia A. Cain

We Are All Just "Jugs," by Shelley J. Gaylord

Importing Feminist Theories to Change Tort Law, by Martha Chamallas

National Women Law Students Association Conference, March 1, 1996: Written Remarks of Elizabeth Grossman: Violence Against Women, by Elizabeth Grossman

Twenty Questions on the Status of Women Students in Your Law School, by Jean C. Love

Questions Women (and Men) Should Ask When Selecting a Law School, by Mary Becker

Choosing Substantive Justice: A Discussion of "Choice," "Rights" and the New Reproductive Technologies, by April L. Cherry


Vol. XII, No. 1 Spring 1997


The Lasting Legacy of International Union, U.A.W. v. Johnson Controls: Equal Employment and Workplace Health and Safety Five Years Later, by Suzanne U. Samuels

Gay Male Pornography After Little Sisters Book and Art Emporium: A Call for Gay Male Cooperation in the Struggle for Sex Equality, by Christopher N. Kendall

How Would the Criminal Law Treat Sethe?: Reflections on Patriarchy, Child Abuse, and the Uses of Narrative to Re-Imagine Motherhood, by Tonya Plank

Surrogacy: A Last Resort Alternative for Infertile Women or a Commodification of Women's Bodies and Children?, by Christine L. Kerian

Vol. XII, No. 2 Fall 1997


Street Harassment as Sexual Subordination: The Phenomenology of Gender-Specific Harm, by Deborah Tuerkheimer

Single-Sex Education and the First Amendment: Sex-Based Exclusion from Public School on the Basis of Time, Place, or Manner Restrictions, by Susan McDermott

The Name of the Maiden, by Omi

Sexual Harassment in Schools: An Analysis of the "Knew or Should Have Known" Liability Standard in Title IX Peer Sexual Harassment Cases, by Andrea Giampetro-Meyer, Shannon Browne & Carrie Williamson


Court-Created Boundaries Between a Visible Lesbian Mother and Her Children, by Susan J. Becker

Vol. XIII, No. 1 Spring 1998


Tales From the Tobacco Wars: Industry Advertising Targets Teenage Girls, by Patricia A. Davidson

Hawthorne and the Handmaid: An Examination of the Law's Use as a Tool of Oppression, by Shira Pavis Minton

Gender Bias in the American Bar Association Journal: Impact on the Legal Profession, by Marilyn J. Berger & Kari A. Robinson

Book Review:

Speaking of Sex: The Denial of Gender Inequality, by Deborah L. Rhode, Reviewed by Joy Lang

Vol. XIII, No. 2 Fall 1998


Sex, Sexual Pleasure, and Reproduction: Health Insurers Don't Want You to Do Those Nasty Things, by Hazel Glenn Beh

Single-Parent Latinas on the Margin: Seeking a Room with a View, Meals, and Built-In Community, by Laura M. Padilla

Women's Job Hunting in the "Ice Age": Frozen Opportunities in Japan, by Robbi Louise Miller


My Career as a Chocolatier, by Ann Bartow

Vol. XIV, No. 1 Spring 1999


Updating the Marital Privileges: A Witness-Centered Rationale, by Amanda H. Frost

Comparing Conversations About Sexual Harassment in the United States and Sweden: Print Media Coverage of the Case Against Astra USA, by Nancy R. Hauserman

Striving for Justice with the Violence Against Women Act and Civil Tort Actions, by Daniel G. Atkins, Jan R. Jurden, Dr. Susan L. Miller & Elizabeth A. Patten


Approaching the Slope: Processes and Outcomes of the Use of the Slippery Slope in Legal Opinions, by Diane Meulemans

Vol. XIV, No. 2 Fall 1999


Equal Protection, Gender, and Justice at the Dawn of a New Century, by Christina DeJong & Christopher E. Smith


"There Will Be No Justice Unless Women Are Part of That Justice": Rape in Bosnia, the ICTY and "Gender Sensitive" Prosecution, by Anne F. Hoefgen


Sex in the Original Position: A Restatement of Liberal Feminism, by Mark M. Hager

Vol. XV, No. 1 Spring 2000 – Fifteenth Anniversary Issue

Foreword, by Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson


Race and Two Concepts of the Emotions in Date Rape, by Andrew E. Taslitz


Fifteenth Anniversary Celebration (these are mainly reprints of articles already published in the Journal, with short additional articles written by the same authors):

"The Little Project": From Alternative Families to Domestic Partnerships to Same-Sex Marriage, by Barbara J. Cox

Alternative Families: Obtaining Traditional Family Benefits Through Litigation, Legislation and Collective Bargaining, by Barbara J. Cox

Introduction: Robin West Revisited, by Wisconsin Women's Law Journal Senior Board Members

The Difference in Women's Hedonic Lives: A Phenomenological Critique of Feminist Legal Theory, by Robin L. West

Introduction, by Beverly I. Moran

From Urinal to Manicure: Challenges to the Scholarship of Tax and Gender, by Beverly I. Moran

And Baby Makes None?, by R. Alta Charo

And Baby Makes Three – or Four, or Five, or Six: Redefining the Family After the Reprotech Revolution, by R. Alta Charo

Introduction, by Victoria F. Nourse

Where Violence, Relationship, and Equality Meet: The Violence Against Women Act's Civil Rights Remedy, by Victoria F. Nourse

Vol. XV, No. 2 Fall 2000

No Women at the Center: The Use of the Canadian Sentencing Circle in Domestic Violence Cases, by Rashmi Goel

Narratives, Law and the Relational Context: Exploring Stories of Violence in Young Women's Lives, by Colleen Sheppard & Sarah Westphal

Cooperation and Good Cause: Greater Sanctions and the Failure to Account for Domestic Violence, by Jacqueline M. Fontana

Constitutional Review of Affirmative Action Policies for Women of Color: A Hopeless Paradox?, by Angela D. Hooton

Vol. XVI, No. 1 Spring 2001 – Symposium and Workshop on Judging at the University of California, Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall), Spring Semester 2000


Workshop on Judging: Does Gender Make a Difference?, by Herma Hill Kay & Geraldine Sparrow


Outsiders on the Bench: The Continuing Struggle for Equality, by Claire L'Heureux-Dubé

Why a Woman on the Bench?, by Kathryn Mickle Werdegar

Student Papers:

The Difference Women Judges Make: Stare Decisis, Norms of Collegiality, and "Feminine Jurisprudence": A Research Proposal, by Heather Elliott

Can Women Judges Help Make Civil Sexual Assault Trials More Therapeutic?, by Jason Schultz

Luck and Politics: Judicial Selection Methods and Their Effect on Women on the Bench, by Becky Kruse

Judicial Campaigns: What Can They Tell Us About Gender on the Bench?, by Megan McCarthy

The Underrepresentation of Women on the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, by Brenda Simon

Vol. XVI, No. 2 Fall 2001


Caring for the Ten Percent's 2.4: Lesbian and Gay Parents' Access to Parental Benefits, by Ryiah Lilith

A Closer Look at Santa Clara Pueblo v. Martinez: Membership by Sex, by Race, and by Tribal Tradition, by Lucy A. Curry

The "Access" Problem: How Employee and Employer Issues May Increase BadgerCare Participation by Impeding the Verification Process, by Barbara J. Zabawa


Domestic Violence Victims After Welfare Reform: Looking Beyond the Family Violence Option, by Katie Scrivner

An Analysis of Racism and Resources for African-American Female Victims of Domestic Violence in Wisconsin, by Lisa M. Martinson

Abusive Parents and Physical Placement Awards: What More Could Wisconsin Do to Protect its Children?, by Michele Westerlund

Vol XVII, No. 1 Spring 2002 – Symposium on Feminist Theories of Relation in the Shadow of the Law


Feminism in Relation, by Catherine Albiston, Tonya Brito & Jane E. Larson


Law's Constitution: A Relational Critique, by Victoria F. Nourse

Care and Feminists, by Mary Becker

Out of the Shadows: Traversing the Imaginary of Sameness, Difference, and Relationalism – A Human Rights Proposal, by Berta Esperanza Hernández-Truyol

Birthing Relationships, by Naomi Cahn

Putting the Relational Into the Heart of Family and Juvenile Court Proceedings, by Nina Camic

Assumptions About Relationships Reflected in the Federal Securities Laws, by Theresa A. Gabaldon

Interspousal Tort Immunity and Insurance "Family Member Exclusions": Shared Assumptions, Relational and Liberal Feminist Challenges, by Jennifer Wriggins

Vol XVII, No. 2 Fall 2002


A Step Toward True Equality in the Workplace: Requiring Employer Accommodation for Breastfeeding Women, by Lara M. Gardner

The National Association of Women Judges: Agent of Change, by Linda C. Morrison

When the Vow Breaks: Why the History of French Divorce Law Sounds a Warning About the Implications for Women of the Contemporary American Marriage Movement, by Joanna Alexandra Norland


Revisiting Santa Clara Pueblo v. Martinez: Feminist Perspectives on Tribal Sovereignty, by Francine R. Skenandore


The Seventh Circuit's Step Toward Ending Domestic Terror: A Case Note on NOW v. Scheidler, by Nicole Safar

Vol. XVIII, No. 1 Spring 2003 – Special Issue on Girls in the Juvenile Justice System: The Intersection of Gender, Age and Crime


Girls in the Juvenile Justice System: The Intersection of Gender, Age and Crime, by Alecia Humphrey


Illusions, by Heather


When Individual Differences Demand Equal Treatment: An Equal Rights Approach to the Special Needs of Girls in the Juvenile Justice System, by Marsha L. Levick & Francine T. Sherman

A Better Way to Spend $500,000: How the Juvenile Justice System Fails Girls, by Marty Beyer, Gillian Blair, Sarah Katz, Sandra Simkins & Annie Steinberg

Shifting Boundaries: Abortion, Criminal Culpability and the Indeterminate Legal Status of Adolescents, by J. Shoshanna Ehrlich

"Because Everybody Thought That I Wouldn't Be Able To Do It": Gender-Responsive Services for Court-Involved Girls and the First Year of the GirlRising Program, by Melissa M. Beck, Ana Bermudez & Martha King


Title VII in the Seventh Circuit: An Analysis of Administrative Claims and Civil Complaints, by Nicole Frankel

Staying Inbounds: Reforming Title IX in Collegiate Athletics, by Kristin Rozum

Vol. XVIII, No. 2 Fall 2003


Snowflake Adoptions and Orphan Embryos: The Legal Implications of Embryo Donation, by Katheryn D. Katz

"[A]n Inglorious Fiction": The Doctrine of Matrimonial Domicile in South Carolina, by Judge John D. Geathers & Justin R. Werner


From Here to Paternity: Why Men Are Not Taking Paternity Leave Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, by Chuck Halverson

State v. Oakley: Infringing on Women's Reproductive Rights, by Amanda R. Schehr

Vol. XIX, No. 1 Spring 2004


Motherhood, Marriage, and Morality: The Pro-Marriage Moral Discourse of American Welfare Policy, by Judith E. Koons

Victims of Gender Discrimination or Disgruntled Employees? The Evolving Role of Candid E-Mails in Gender Disparate Treatment Cases, by Lucille M. Ponte

You Call That Education?, by Morrison Torrey


Gay and Lesbian Partners Are Family Too: Why Wisconsin Should Adopt a Family Consent Law, by Catherine A. West

Vol. XIX, No. 2 Fall 2004


Rehabilitating Partnership Marriage As a Theory of Wealth Distribution at Divorce: In Recognition of a Shared Life, by Alicia Brokars Kelly

"Well-Behaved Women Don't Make History": Rethinking English Family, Law, and History, by Danaya C. Wright


Custody Cases and the Expansion of the Equitable Parent Doctrine: When Should "Acting Like" a Parent Be Enough?, by Sarah Opichka

All Relevant Factors: Gender in the Analysis of Exceptional and Extremely Unusual Hardship, by Jennifer Lindsley

The Mystery of Title VII: The Various Interpretations of Title VII as Applied to Homosexual Plaintiffs, by Michael Sachs

Vol XX, No. 1 Spring 2005 – Twentieth Anniversary Edition

Foreword, by Senior Editorial Board

Twentieth Anniversary Celebration:

Take Notice Unwed Fathers: An Unwed Mother's Right to Privacy in Adoption Proceedings, by Cecily L. Helms & Phyllis C. Spence

Domestic Violence and the Failures of Welfare Reform: The Role for Work Leave Legislation, by Ralph Henry

Wisconsin Act 110: When an Infant Survives an Abortion, by Michele Kurs Frishman

From Bosnia to Sudan: Sexual Violence in Modern Armed Conflict, by Stephanie N. Sackellares

Another Woman's Body Found Outside Juárez: Applying Velásquez Rodríguez for Women's Human Rights, by Joan H. Robinson

Vol. XX, No. 2 Fall 2005

Foreword, by Assistant Dean Ruth Robarts


The Practice of Marriage, by Katharine Silbaugh

Mothers in Prison: How the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 Threatens Parental Rights, by Sally Day

A Dangerous Place for Society and its Troubled Young Women: A Call for an End to Newborn Safe Haven Laws in Wisconsin and Beyond, by Jennifer Racine


Exploring Law Students' Attitudes, Beliefs, and Experiences About the Relationship Between Business Law and Public Interest Law, by Amy Bradshaw

Using SCHIP to Offer Prenatal Care to Undocumented and Non-Qualified Pregnant Immigrants in Wisconsin: The Benefits, Risks & Shortcomings, by Diana Aguilar

Vol. XXI, No. 1 Spring 2006


Bearing Witness to Ghosts: Notes on Theorizing Pornography, Race, and Law, by Jennifer C. Nash


Homonormativity: Inversion (The Straight World), by José Gabilando


Where Are We NOW? Clinic Protection in the Wake of Scheidler v. National Organization for Women, Inc., by Autumn Nero

K.M. v. E.G., by Emily Zapotocny

Vol. XXI, No.2 Fall 2006


Superstition-Based Injustice in Africa and the United States: The Use of Provocation as a Defense for Killing Witches and Homosexuals, by Jennifer Dumin

Title IX and High School Opportunities: Issues of Equity on and in the Court, by Suzanne E. Eckes

Family Values First When Federal Laws Collide: A Proposal to Create a Public Policy Exception to the Employment-At-Will Doctrine Based Upon Mandatory Parenting Duty, by Pamela Gershuny

Sexual Harassment at Home: Altering the Terms, Conditions and Privileges of Rental Housing for Section 8 Recipients, by Jill Maxwell


Raging Hormones?: The Legal Obstacles and Policy Ramifications to Allowing Medical Monitoring Remedies in Hormone Replacement Therapy Suits, by Tamara Jeanne Dodge

Let's Talk About Sex Honestly: Why Federal Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Education Programs Discriminate Against Girls, Are Bad Public Policy, and Should Be Overturned, by Danielle LeClair

Vol. XXII, No. 1 Spring 2007


He Says, She Asks:  Gender, Language, and the Law of Precatory Words in Wills, by Alyssa A. DiRusso

Pregnancy and Policing: Are They Compatible? Pushing the Legal Limits on Behalf of Equal Employment Opportunities, by Karen J. Kruger

The Gay Rights State: Wisconsin's Pioneering Legislation to Prohibit Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation, by William B. Turner


Cultivating Boyhood and Girlhood: The Role of Gender in Progressive Era Juvenile Justice Reform, by Vanessa Carroll

Gender Discrimination, Higher Education, and the Seventh Circuit: Balancing Academic Freedom with Protections Under Title VII, Case Note: Farrell vs. Butler University, by Michelle Chase

Vol. XXII, No. 2 Fall 2007


What Has Feminism Got to Do with Children's Right? A Case Study of a Ban on Corporal Punishment, by Benjamin Shmueli

The Constitutionality of the FDA's Age-Based Plan B® Regulation: Why the FDA Made the Wrong Decision, by Barbara Chevalier

Title IX and Equal Protection Educational Access for Pregnant and Parenting Girls, by Madeline E. McNeeley


In Re the Termination of Parental Rights to Max G.W.: Beginning to Pave the Way for Wisconsin's Incarcerated Mothers to Retain their Parental Rights and Serve the Best Interest of their Children, by Katie Holtz

Singling Them Out: The Influence of the "Boy Crisis" on the New Title IX Regulations, by Elizabeth S. Kisthardt

Vol. XXIII, No. 1 Spring 2008


In Supreme Judgment of the Poor: The Role of the United States Supreme Court in Welfare Law and Policy, by Bridgette Baldwin

Toward Real Workplace Equality: Nonsubordination and Title VII Sex-Stereotyping Jurisprudence, by Erin E. Goodsell

Helping Out in the Family Firm: The Legal Treatment of Unpaid Market Labor, by Lisa Phillips

Visitation Decisions in Domestic Violence Cases: Seeking Lessons from One State's Experience, by Nat Stern, Wendy P. Crook and Karen Oehme


Our Safety or Their Lives? Legislative Changes Impacting Immigration and the Risks Posed to Immigrant Women, by Kathryn Fanlund


Vol. XXIII, No. 2 Fall 2008


Equality's Future:  An Introduction, by Victoria F. Nourse

The Politics of Care, by Laura T. Kessler

Masculinities and Feminist Legal Theory, by Nancy E. Dowd

Intersectionality and Posthumanist Visions of Equality, by Maneesha Deckha

The Shifting Signifier of "Community" in Transitional Justice:  A Feminist Analysis, by Catherine O'Rourke

Gender Arbitrage:  Law, Luxury and Labor, by Michael B. Likosky

"Women in Blue Jeans:" Connecting the Past with Agricultural Transformations in the Present, by Guadalupe T. Luna

Place Matters:  Domestic Violence and Rural Difference, by Lisa R. Pruitt


Vol. XXIV, No. 1 Spring 2009


The States as Laboratories for Social Experiments:  A Proposal Asking President Obama to use the National Guards as Laboratories to Reason our Way Out of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," by Rufino Gaytan III

Interstate Intercourse:  How Modern Assisted Reproductive Technologies Challenge the Traditional Realm of Conflicts of Law, by Sonia Bychkov Green

Labor Pains:  The Seventh Circuit Distorts the Pregnancy Discrimination Act to Bar Discrimination Based on In Vitro Fertilization, by Justin Kerner

Doma and the Constitutional Coming Out of Same-Sex Marriage, by Julia Halloran McLaughlin

Standing in her Shoes:  Recognizing the Persecution Suffered by Spouses of Persons who Undergo Forced Abortion or Sterilization Under China's Coercive Population Control Policy, by Kala M. Strawn


Postpartum Depression and the Insanity Defense:  A Poor Mother's Two Worst Nightmares, by Vue Yang


Vol. XXIV, No. 2 Fall 2009


Homemakers and Social Security:  Giving Credits Where Credits are Due, by Laura C. Bornstein

Stop the Killing:  Potential Courtroom Use of a Questionnaire that Predicts the Likelihood that a Victim of Intimate Partner Violence will be Murdered by her Partner, by Amanda Hitt and Lynn McLain

Becoming What we Pretend to Be:  Signs of Values in the Casual Rhetoric of American Criminal Justice, by Dean A. Strang

Children of Incarcerated Mothers and Fathers, by Julie Poehlmann, Ph.D.


Medically Necessary Treatments for Transgender Prisoners and the Misguided Law in Wisconsin, by Travis Cox


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