American Constitution Society- University of Wisconsin Law School Student Chapter

Mission: Shaping our constitution though active debate, building networks, and making a difference.


Corey Mehlos, Co-president,
Matt Lantta, same,
Ngozi Agbo, same,
Evan Nordgren, Vice President of Communications,
Puck Tsai, Vice President of Advertising,
Aaron Loudenslager, Vice President of Social Media,
Adam Mand, Treasurer,
Dan Tombasco, Events Coordinator,
Neal Fitzgerald, Legislative Drafting Chair,
Samuel Mitchell, 1L Representative,

Contact: Ngozi Agbo or Matt Lantta

Fall 2013 Meetings:


  • Thursday, 9/26 @12:30 pm in Room 2260- Debate on Constitutional Interpretation with the Federalist Society between the Goliath of constitutional law, Prof. Larry Church and Prof. Lee Strang, an advocate of originalism. Food provided.
  • Thursday, 9/26 ALICE model legislation talk with Prof. Joel Rogers, state Rep. Chris Taylor, and Prof. Dave Marcello, Tulane University Law School, @4 pm in room 7200. Food provided.


  • Friday, 10/4 @6:30 pm in room 3260- Lecture on the Constitutionality of the Capitol Arrests- Attorneys Steve Porter and Larry Dupuis will discuss litigation strategies to protect the constitutional rights of those protesting without a permit at the Capitol.
  • Monday, 10/7 @6 pm in room 2225- ACS Monthly Meeting, 1L elections, and discussion of legislative drafting project.
  • Monday, 10/21 @6pm in room 5229 – Join us for a debate co-hosted by ACS and the Federalist Society on School Choice. Should we use tax payer money to send students to private religious schools? (No.) Professor Richard Duncan, Prof. of Law from the University of Nebraska School of Law will debate Attorney Patrick Elliott, a 2009 UW Law grad and staff attorney at the Freedom from Religion Foundation.
  • Wednesday, 10/23 @6pm in room 5240 – discussion with Attorney Les Pines and State Rep. Chris Taylor on the constitutionality of the Wisconsin anti-abortion bill!


  • Monday, 11/4 @6PM in Room 2225 – Hear Professor Keith Findley of the Wisconsin Innocence Project discuss one of his current ventures, a bill to increase compensation for the wrongfully convicted. Of all states that offer compensation, Wisconsin offers the lowest.
  • Tuesday, 11/5 @ 12:15pm in Room 7200 (Lubar) – Refugee Rights Panel Series; Defense of Marriage Act: Attorney Glorily Lopez discusses implications of SCOTUS’s decisions in the D.O.M.A. and “Prop 8” cases, namely, how petitions for legal immigration status filed by same-sex spouses are adjudicated and how marriage laws of non-marriage equality states like Wisconsin will be interpreted.  Co-sponsors: LLSA, QLaw, and National Lawyers Guild.
  • Monday, 11/11 @ 12:30 in Room 5229 – Join us for a good lunch and great talk with Professor Cecilia Klingele to learn how the NSA is using our internet, email, and cell phone data and discuss whether these practices violate our 4th Amendment rights. Professor Kingele is a former clerk for Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens and is known for her thought-provoking discussions.
  • Wednesday, 11/13 @ 6:30pm at Community Cinema in The Madison Public Library – Come see “The State of Arizona.” The film captures Arizona’s immigration struggles after passing SB1070, the highly controversial law making it a criminal misdemeanor for immigrants not possessing federally required registration papers at all times. Meet in the Atrium to walk over around 6:00.
  • Monday, 11/25 @ 6:30 pm at Cooper’s Tavern – Progressive Social Hour with Wisconsin Court of Appeals Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg. Come to the top floor for free hors d’oeuvres and happy hour drinks.


  • Monday, 12/2 @ 6PM in Room 2225 – Join us for the ACS Holiday Party!

Spring 2014 Meetings:


  • Wednesday, 1/29 @ 12pm in Rm. 3253 – Join us for the first General Body Meeting of the semester! We’ll be discussing upcoming events and other plans for the Spring.


  • Wednesday, 2/5 @ 12pm in Rm. 2260 - Join us as Wisconsin state Rep. LaTonya Johnson and staff member for Wisconsin state Senator Nikiya Harris discuss AB192 and SB209, the two bills they are sponsoring which would mandate the reporting to a child welfare agency of persons suspected of child prostituting. The bills would also mandate investigation by a sheriff or police department.