Welcome to the BATLAW Website!

The BATLAW website provides an abundance of resources to help students learn more about business law and business law careers.  It contains information about substantive practice areas, links to law firm websites, links to pertinent articles from a range of business and legal publications, information and advice respecting preparation for job interviews, career paths, etc., and other business law related stuff.  BATLAW updates the website with topical articles, interviews, substantive articles relating to practice-area trends, career tips and advice, and information regarding upcoming BATLAW events and activities.

BATLAW services help students gain a superior understanding of the legal market, make better informed career decisions, and approach interviews with a better ability to articulate their interests and goals.

We will be continuing to add additional features and information in the next few weeks, including lawyer profiles and additional articles.


Please feel free to contact Joseph Calavenna: (calavenna@wisc.edu), Ian Tenderholt: (tenderholt@wisc.edu), Willie Boucher: (jwboucher@wisc.edu), Lorenz Schuerch: (lorenzschuerch@gmail.com), Nick Sideras: (sidears@wisc.edu), Jeff Krug: (jgkrug@wisc.edu), or our faculty advisor, Professor Richard Heymann (srheymann@wisc.edu), with any questions that you might have.


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