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What Do Business Lawyers Do? Information About Business Law Practice Areas

If you take a look at a law firm’s list of its practice areas you will notice that it bears little resemblance to the Law School’s list of course offerings.  No Torts section.  No Property team.  No Contracts specialty.  And so on.  That’s because most of what we study in law school is necessary to become a business lawyer, but it is not sufficient to learn how to do practically anything a business lawyer does.

Consequently, if you want to know more about what business law is all about before you try to get a job in business law (or, of course, before you try to practice business law), you might enjoy browsing the practice descriptions of some of the law firms, large and small, that represent business clients, large and small, all across the country.

Below are links to about 70 law firms (plus the IRS, the SEC, and the FTC) that provide descriptions of the substantive legal areas in which they practice.  Some descriptions are
more detailed than others, some are more self-serving than others.  But these websites are highly instructive if you are one of the 99% of law students who don’t actually know much about what business lawyers do.

[Note: While listing firms, Batlaw does in no way recommend  them.  City references
are to the initial or main office, although many firms have many offices and
are truly national or international in scope.  For examples of some specific, detailed client alerts, substantive articles, etc., click here.]


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