Contrary to popular belief, academic success in law school depends on more than just intelligence and hard work. To be sure, you need to bring both these qualities to the table. However, most successful law students also understand that earning good grades requires developing a set of academic skills that most of us did not need to cultivate in our previous academic careers. BLSA helps first year members succeed in law school by helping them understand how to “do” law school.  We offer two to three workshops during the fall semester aimed at helping first year students understand how to read cases, take notes, and prepare law school exams. We encourage all BLSA members to participate.


Outlines may be found on the BLSA Lexis-Nexis webcourse.

Disclaimer: BLSA makes no claims as to the reliability of these outlines. BLSA accepts no responsibility for their use and offers them for informational purposes only. Outlines are intended for BLSA members only.

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