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Black History Month Calendar of Events

BHM Calendar

Calendar: Text Version

Kickoff: Taste of the Diaspora – Feb.4 – 4:00pm – 2225 Law Building

BLSA Valentine’s Day: Hugs & Kisses – Feb.14 – All-day, Law Atrium

BLSA Clothing Drive – Feb.14 thru 22 – Donate Anytime, Law Atrium

Judy Smith: Advocate, Counselor, and Crisis Manager – Feb. 21 – 6:00pm, Discovery Building’s DeLuca Forum

Professor Lisa Alexander: Hip Hop and Housing – Feb.28 – 4:30pm, Lubar Commons

BLSA Bar Review – Feb.28 – 10:00pm, Madison’s

BLSA Professional Networking Event: In the Mix – Mar.2 – 5:00-9:00pm, Overture Center


Welcome Back – It’s 2013!

We hope the holiday season treated you well!  Look forward to hearing about our Black History Month programming very shortly.  There will be a variety of events, including a very special speaker who will be coming to campus…


Candids: BLSA meeting February, 2012.

President Sherri-Ann Charleston, announces the packed schedule of upcoming events for the 2012 Black History Month celebrations.

Snapshots of our February, 2012 BLSA general body meeting.

BLSA members listening to the announcements.

Vice-President, Erin Johnson(2L), and Daniel Baron(1L), pictured gulping down an entire liter of soda.

Secretary, Torrie Williams(2L) addresses the group, while Parliamentarian, Joshua Jarrett(1L) reviews the BLSA consitution.

Academic Chair, Ashley Davis(2L), informs first-year students about upcoming Study Groups.

St. Vinnies Girls Inc

BLSA members volunteering around Madison-Fall 2011

Community Service Chair, Lauren Murphy(2L), organized a successful series of community service events. BLSA members volunteered at St. Vincent De Paul Food Pantry and also the YWCA Girls Inc. .

Thanks to all those who volunteered.

Treasurer- Chris Byers(3L) organizes a cart full of food supplies, for the St. Vincent's Food Pantry.

BLSA 1L, Daniel Baron engages a youth at the Kennedy Heights Community Center in Madison.

BLSA volunteers at the Food-Pantry. (left-right). Daniel Baron(1L), Lauren Murphy(2L), Aisha Smith(2L), Fikayo Keme(1L), Torrie Williams(2L), and Erin Johnson(2L)

BLSA Members interacting with students at the after-school event.


BLSA/WAAL Lounge Night March 3, 2012

On March 3, 2012. UW BLSA hosted a networking event for our guests, the Wisconsin African American Association of Lawyers(WAAL). The successful event was orgnaized by the Executive Board of UW BLSA, special thanks to Co-Cordinators Ms. Torrie Williams(2L) and Mr. Christopher Carter(1L) here are some snapshots from the event. It was held at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery.

UW Law students in attendance
BLSA members Ashley Davis(2L), Sharunda Owens(1L), and P.h.d(Education) candidate Jennifer Simms

BLSA E-Board Members, Lauren Murphy and Ashley Davis

Christopher Byers(3L) and Christopher Carter(1L) waiting to greet the guests as they arrive.

Ms. Jazmin Robertson-Keynote attendee, WAAL member, and UW ALUM. Accompanied by Christopher Carter(1L)

BLSA President Sherri-Ann Charleston with WAAL Attendees.

Guests listening to an address from a BLSA member.