First general IPSO meeting announced…(free lunch!)

The IPSO board has scheduled the first general IPSO meeting to take place next Tuesday on October 12, 2010. The meeting will take place at 12:30 in room 3253. Anyone who is interested in intellectual property and/or the student organization should attend.

The IPSO board will be discussing the general information about Intellectual Property and the organization’s tentative schedule involving the symposium, potential moot court competitions, and other activities.

Free Pizza will be available at the meeting.

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About IPSO

IPSO has been formed to convey to all interested law students the field of Intellectual Property Law. Its primary purpose is to provide topical seminars, discussions, and other events relating to Patent, Copyright, and Trademark Law. Additionally, the Organization aims to expose students to related legal fields and to increase students’ participation in the numerous IP writing competitions nationwide.

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