Hosting Policy

I. Purpose

This policy governs UW Law School website hosting for UW Law School student organizations. This policy also clarifies the hosting services available to UW Law School student organizations by UW Law School Department of Information Technology (“IT”). The content of websites belongs to the site contributor(s) and is not approved or endorsed by Law School Administration. Hosting is provided at the discretion of Law School Administration.

II.  Basic Requirements

First, all qualified UW Law School student organizations are eligible to “host” a web site.  Qualified organizations must be officially registered student organizations of the University of Wisconsin, and associated with the Law School.  Second, site administration must be managed using the platform endorsed by Law School Technology Services & Support.

III. Responsibilities

  • Creation
    UW Law School Department of IT will create the basic web site for a qualified student organization.  To preserve the integrity of the UW Law School message, hosted sites will be modeled on a template consistent with the theme of the UW Law School web site unless an alternate format is otherwise determined.
  • Training
    UW Law School Department of IT will provide free basic introductory training to a student organization representative responsible for maintenance of the organization’s website.  Student organization representatives initially trained in web editing are expected to train their successors. As requested and when resources allow, IT staff will provide additional training and/or assistance
  • Maintenance
    UW Law School Department of IT is not responsible for active maintenance and/or revisions of student organization websites following creation of the site and basic training.
  • Content
    Content of hosted web sites will be created by the student organization, and is not approved or endorsed by Law School Administration.  Faculty advisors should periodically review content to ensure compliance with these and general UW policies (see Section VI).

UW Law School will not actively review content published electronically on hosted student organization websites and, therefore, disclaims any responsibility for the content.

UW Law School does, however, when notified of possible policy violations, reserve the right to review and investigate any hosted site and take necessary action to ensure compliance with relevant policies.  Any hosted site in violation of UW Law School or UW general policy, or federal, state or local laws, may be subject to immediate removal from the server.

IV. Requesting Hosted Web Site and Service

A qualified UW Law School student organization may contact UW Law School Technology Services & Support at for questions regarding web site hosting.

V. Appeals

Decisions to host web sites on the UW Law School server are subject to the discretion of Law School Administration.

Appeals regarding decisions or any of the guidelines in this policy may be directed to the UW Law School Webmaster at

VI.  Compliance with General University of Wisconsin Policies

This policy does not impose additional regulations on web site content beyond what is stated by existing general UW policies.  These policies include, but are not limited to, the following: