LLSA List of Classes

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Hello Everyone,

2Ls and 3Ls – Please list your previous classes/professors on the google doc below. As I mentioned before, if you took a class that is not yet listed, please add it to the excel spreadsheet.  If you have any trouble accessing the link, please let me know.
Everyone – Please use this as a resource if you see that another LLSA member had the same class/professor as you.
Thank you!
Lola Bovell

A message from our President

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Welcome to the Latino Law Student Association (LLSA)!

National Hispanic Heritage Month started just a week ago – marking the anniversary of independence of five Latin American Countries and celebrating the culture, heritage, and contributions of Latinos.  As the number of Latinos in the United States continues to grow, so, too, does their impact.

LLSA has established itself as an organization that is heavily invested in Latino issues and public service and strengthening solidarity within the student body as well as the broader community.

LLSA was fundamental in establishing the Community Immigration Law Center (CILC) which serves as a resource to the greater Madison-area.  Community members can consult with CILC attorneys on their immigration issues free of charge.  LLSA also recently established the Immigrant Justice Clinic (IJC), which is the first of its kind in Wisconsin.  IJC helps immigrants handle their claims against deportation.  These individuals have no access to a court-appointed attorney and many do not have the means to hire a private attorney. Additionally, LLSA conducts Know Your Rights presentations to help educate immigrants and non-English speakers on their rights.  All of these activities demonstrate LLSA’s longstanding commitment to social justice, as well as the UW and the greater Madison community.

This year, we look forward to not only keeping this tradition, but expanding it. With this in mind, LLSA is committed to public service, fostering a sense of community, and strengthening bridges with the student body and greater community. I have no doubt that our Executive Board and members will accomplish this and more.

I, therefore, invite you all to join LLSA and to be a part of what is bound to be an exciting year!


Lia Ocasio
2013-2014 LLSA President


2013 – 2013 LLSA E-Board

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Congratulations to the 2013-2014 E-Board of the UW Latino/a Law Student Association:

President: Lia Ocasio

V.P. Academic Affairs: Lola Bovell

V.P. of Community Affairs: Liz Bradley

Legal Community Liaison: Adrian Perez

Treasurer: Joshua Jarrett

Secretary: Scott Freedenberg

LEO Representative: Carla Carballo

Webmaster (Webjefe): Alexis Blanco / Michelle Zamora-Trilling

1L Representatives: TBA


2012-2013 Eboard

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Congratulations to the 2012-2013 E-Board of the UW Latino/a Law Student Association:

President: Kate Finley

V.P. Academic Affairs: Alexis Blanco

V.P. of Community Affairs: Lia Ocasio

Legal Community Liaison: Karina Kuhrt

Treasurer: Jair Alvarez

Secretary: Luis Valdez

LEO Representative: Molly Bowen

Webmaster (Webjefe): Laura Steigerwald

1L Representatives: Adrian Perez & Lola Bovell


2011-2012 LLSA E-board

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Congratulations to the 2011-2012 E-Board of the UW Latino/a Law Student Association:

President: James Leonard

V.P. Academic Affairs: Paul Borovay

V.P. of Community Affairs: Kate Finley

Legal Community Liaison: Jose Alvarado

Treasurer: Elia Garcia

Secretary: Molly Bowen

LEO Representative: Matt Robles

Webmaster (Webjefe): James Leonard

Thanks everyone, for making LLSA great this year !!!

It was a pleasure serving you!

Sincerely, your 2010-2011 E-Board!


Despite Limits, How Padilla v. Kentucky Will Endure

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Immigrant advocates rejoiced last spring when the Supreme Court made clear in Padilla v. Kentucky that criminal defense lawyers must inform noncitizen clients if pleading guilty to a particular crime could result in their deportation. Since then, the Court’s ruling has provided much-needed relief for many immigrants whose lawyers failed to properly advise them. At the same time, however, the immigrants’ rights community is realizing that the decision has its limits and will not help all noncitizens whose lawyers failed to give such advice in the past.

Read more at Immigration Impact

Illegal immigrants held in isolated jails struggle for legal help, survey finds

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The majority are in facilities beyond the reach of legal aid groups, resulting in caseloads of 100 detainees per attorney, a rights group reports. An additional 10% have no access to any legal aid.

Even as the Obama administration seeks to create a more humane system of detention for illegal immigrants, most continue to be held in rural jails without ready access to legal representation, a human rights group says in a report to be released today.
In a survey of immigration detention facilities nationwide, the Chicago-based National Immigrant Justice Center found that more than half did not offer detainees information about their rights, and 78% prohibited private phone calls with lawyers.
More than 80% of detainees were in facilities that were isolated and beyond the reach of legal aid organizations, resulting in heavy caseloads of 100 detainees per immigration attorney, the survey found. Ten percent of detainees were held in facilities in which they had no access at all to legal aid groups.

See the rest of the story at the Los Angeles Times.

A Message From Our President

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Greetings! On behalf of the Latino Law Student Association (LLSA) I welcome you to our webpage. The members and the Executive Board of LLSA look forward to the 2010-2011 academic year, and yet another opportunity to serve the Latino community and the community at large in Madison. This year LLSA is eager to expand its community outreach program by utilizing the experience of our network of seasoned professionals, as well as the knowledge of the current membership at Wisconsin Law School. The Community Immigration Law Center, along with Know Your Rights Presentations, are among many of the services which LLSA members not only help develop, but personally volunteer their time and energy to.

Additionally, this year will mark the revival of an effort to promote Hispanic/Latino Cultural Awareness at the law school and the city of Madison. Through a celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, a Series of Guest Speakers, and various Social Events throughout the year, it is the hope of LLSA that our organization will leave a mark on the people that support it in a unique and meaningful way.

I cordially invite you all to be a part of LLSA this year, and look forward to sharing with you the infinite opportunities ahead of us!


James Leonard

2010-2011 LLSA President

2010-2011 E-Board Election Results

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Congratulations to the 2010-2011 E-Board of the UW Latino/a Law Student Association:

President: James Leonard

V.P. Academic Affairs: Tina Balistreri

V.P. of Community Affairs: Joleen Rivera

Legal Community Liaison: Jorge Fragoso

Treasurer: Jami Crespo

Secretary: Pamela Ritger

LEO Representative:
Jason Foster

Webmaster (Webjefe): Eric Hinojosa

Thanks everyone, for making LLSA great this year !!!

It was a pleasure serving you!

Sincerely, your 2009-2010 E-Board!

WisconsinWatch.org: While Wisconsin’s immigration politics remain stalled, undocumented immigrants drive without licenses

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Drivers beware: There’s a woman driving a stretch of Interstate 90 between Sparta and Tomah — without a license or any training about Wisconsin’s traffic laws.

Her name is Victoria. She’s a 23-year-old undocumented immigrant from Mexico who works on a Tomah dairy farm with other undocumented immigrants whom  she says “all understand our boss through signals” because of language barriers.

Victoria, who arrived in Wisconsin 13 months ago, hasn’t taken any drivers’ training in the United States because Wisconsin law prohibits her from obtaining a license. She says she hasn’t had any run-ins with police, but requested that her last name be withheld out of fear she might be pursued as an illegal immigrant.

She is among a growing number of illegal immigrants who are finding work on Wisconsin dairy farms, located in rural areas where the only way to get to work is by car.

See more at WisconsinWatch.org