Name: Lola Sophia Bovell

Hometown: Miami, FL

Hobbies: Salsa dancing, reading a good book, and watching any musical theatre production.

3 Goals for LLSA:

  • Increase awareness of Latino issues within the law school community and the Greater Madison area.
  • Assist the Law School Admissions office with their recruitment of Latino students.
  • Build a strong sense of community within the LLSA community.
  • Strengthen the ties between all LEO organizations.
  • Empower the Latino community in Madison and surrounding areas by supporting the Immigrant Justice Clinic and conducting Know-Your-Rights presentations.

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Name: Loredana Valtierra

Hometown: Joliet, IL

Hobbies: reading, cooking, traveling.

3 Goals for LLSA: 

  • Increase multicultural awareness in the law school through LLSA
  • Help Admissions recruit more students of color
  • Improve LLSA’s presence at the law school

Vice President of Community Affairs

Name: Aissa Olivarez

Hometown: McAllen, TX

Hobbies: Running, Biking, Reading 

3 Goals for LLSA

  • Collaborate with the greater Madison community in an effort to bring awareness to Latino issues.
  • Engage UW students in LLSA events.
  • Attract a diverse LLSA membership dedicated to serving the community.

Legal Community Liaison

Name: Zachary Meth

Hometown: Temecula, CA

Hobbies: Baseball, Basketball, Movies

3 Goals for LLSA:

  • Establish stronger relationships with WHLA.
  • Work with local attorneys to set up mock interviews and coaching.
  • Organizing events with local attorneys for LLSA members.


Name: Nico del Campo



3 Goals for LLSA:

  • Have a successful book sale for incoming and current LLSA students.
  • Involve the rest of the law school in more LLSA events.
  • Increase LLSA’s presence in the Madison community.


Name: Victoria del Campo



3 Goals for LLSA:

  • To increase 1L LLSA members’ awareness of academic and professional networking resources available through the LLSA website and from 2L and 3L students.
  • To facilitate communication and feedback between e-board and LLSA membership regarding events and activities.
  • To encourage more collaboration between LLSA and other student organizations.

LEO Representative

Name: Carla Carballo



3 Goals for LLSA:

  • One event I would like to plan is a LEO-wide informal social. LEO is supposed to be about a community of diverse students; however, there are only two times we get together as a full LEO community (LEO orientation and the LEO banquet). I would like to plan one additional event that will provide an opportunity for all LEO members, especially LEO 1Ls, to interact in a more informal setting.
  • A program I hope to implement is LEO-wide academic workshops. Last spring, the Academic Affairs VP held an academic reflections workshop in conjunction with BLSA. I think more academic interaction among LEO members would be beneficial for all participants. Therefore, I would work with folks such as Tina to provide academic workshops in collaboration with other LEO groups.
  • Another initiative that I will tackle is developing a more robust LLSA/LEO alumni outreach program. Especially in this economic climate and difficult job market, developing and fostering deeper relationships with LLSA/LEO alumni can be an effective way to give LLSA/LEO students a competitive advantage in the job search.


Name: Jose Castro

Hometown: Woodbury, MN

Hobbies: Baseball, Golf, Other Sports, Technology

3 Goals for LLSA:

  • Improve LLSA’s web presence.
  • Keep the community up to date on LLSA’s events throughout the year.
  • Lay the groundwork so that 1 & 2 can continue even after I graduate from UW Law.