Bylaws of the University of Wisconsin Latino Law Students Association

A copy of these bylaws is available as a MS Word Document or a PDF.

Section 1 – Rules of Order

The accepted rules of order concerning parliamentary procedures shall be Roberts Rules of Order, Revised. These rules shall coexist with the Constitution, and will be used to govern meetings and resolve disagreement.

1.1 The President shall ensure that a copy of Roberts Rules of Order, Revised, is available at every meeting.

Section 2 – Elections

Elections for President, Academic Vice-President, Community Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, LEO Representative, Legal Community Liaison, and Webmaster shall take place in April of each academic year.  Election of the 1L Representative shall take place at the October General Meeting.

2.1 The President shall seek candidate statements for all offices.  The President will then compile all candidate statements and distribute them to the membership at least one week prior to the date of the Election Meeting.

2.2 All candidates for office must be law students.

2.3 Any member may nominate an Active Member, as defined in Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution, as officer, except for the Office of 1L Representative.

2.4 The 1L Representative shall be elected only from those candidates submitting statements to the President.  If the President receives no statements for 1L Representatives, nominations at the October General Meeting may be accepted.

2.5 All nominated persons reserve the right to decline their nomination without explanation.

2.6 The results for each election must be announced immediately after voting for each position has concluded.  The candidates receiving the greatest number of votes in each of these elections shall assume office immediately after the Election Meeting.

2.7 If two or more candidates should tie for most votes received in an election, a run-off election shall be held between those candidates involved in the tie.

2.8 An Election Commissioner shall be appointed by the Executive Board from a pool of Active Member applicants, none of which may be running for an elected office on the day of the election.

2.9 All elections under Section 2 of these Bylaws shall be determined by a majority of those eligible voters present (in person or by proxy) at the time of the Election Meeting.

Section 3 – Officers

The officers of the organization are the President, Vice-President of Academic Affairs, Vice-President of Community Affairs, Treasurer, Secretary, LEO Representative, Legal-Community Liaison, Webmaster, and 1L Representative.  The Executive Board of the organization shall consist of these officers.

3.1 The officers shall be elected annually out of the Active Membership, as defined in Article 2, Section 2 of the Constitution, and must be in good standing with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School.

Section 4 – Term of Office

All officers shall hold office for a term of approximately one year.  Upon conclusion of the Election Meeting in April, the newly elected officers shall immediately begin to exercise their respective duties.

Section 5 – Membership

5.1 All members shall pay semester dues as established by the Executive Board.  The yearly dues may be discounted, as the Executive Board deems appropriate, if paid in the fall.  The amount determined by Executive Board shall be announced at the September Meeting.  Members must pay dues in order to be eligible to vote in elections, with the exception of the 1L Representative Election.

5.2 The date that dues shall become due will be determined by the Treasurer and approved by the Executive Board.  This date shall be announced at the September Meeting.

5.3 Members must fulfill the hourly requirement as set by the Executive Board and announced at the September Meeting in order to be eligible to vote in elections, with the exception of the 1L Representative election.

5.4 Executive Board members shall attend all meetings, unless an emergency prevents him/her from attending.

5.5 Members who have not paid dues or met the service hour requirement may participate in the meetings and all other LLSA related events.  However, they may not vote on motions or in elections.

Section 6 – Vacancies

Officer vacancies shall be filled in the following manner:

6.1 President – the Vice-President of Academic Affairs shall assume the Office of President should a vacancy occur before the end of the current term.  The Office of Vice-President of Academic Affairs shall be filled as prescribed in Sections 7.2 and 7.3 of these Bylaws.

6.2 All other officers – a Special Election Meeting shall be held; the President shall give notice of the Special Election Meeting to the membership of at least one week; nominations shall be taken at the Special Election Meeting, with an election to follow to determine the new officer.

6.3 Elections for vacancies shall be determined by a majority of those eligible voters present (in person or by proxy) at the time of the Special Election Meeting.

Section 7 – Public Representations

Any public representation, including posters or visual representations, made on behalf of LLSA must be approved by a majority of the Executive Board in the following manner:

7.1 Unless scheduling a meeting for a discussion is practicable, discussion of the issue will be conducted via email.

7.2 Discussion of any pending vote will remain open for a period of twenty-four (24) hours.

7.3 In the event of a tie, the President will not exercise the power to break the tie where scheduling a meeting for further discussion is practicable.  The President shall call a Special Meeting, open discussion of the issue, and take a second vote.  The President shall exercise the right to break a tie at this meeting.

7.4 Where scheduling a special meeting is not practicable, the President shall exercise the power to break a tie via the original email vote.

7.5 Determining whether scheduling a special meeting is practicable shall be in the sole discretion of the President.

Section 8 – Grievance Procedure

8.1 Any dues-paying LLSA member may file an official grievance with the Executive Board.

8.2 In order to file an official grievance, the member must submit a written complaint to the Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall then determine whether the complaining member is a dues-paying member.  If the complaining member is not a dues-paying member, the Treasurer shall notify the complaining member that only grievances of dues-paying members will be heard.  If the complaining member is a dues-paying member, the Treasurer shall then forward an anonymous copy of written complaint to the President.

8.3 The President shall make a determination about the severity of the complaint for the purpose of calling a special Executive Board meeting or postponing discussion of the issue until the following Board meeting.  The Executive Board shall discuss the issue for an amount of time determined at the meeting where the issue is discussed, then vote on the appropriate action.  A majority vote of the Executive Board shall suffice to determine LLSA’s official action regarding the complaint.

Section 9 – Amendment Process

Bylaws shall be amended by a majority of Active Members and at least two officers present at the general meeting in which the amendments are voted on.  Proper notice to the membership shall consist of distributing the proposed amendments at least one week before the general meeting in which the amendments will be voted on.  These Bylaws have been appropriately approved by the LLSA membership.