Welcome to LLSA!

The purpose of LLSA is to provide an atmosphere of cooperativeness, innovativeness, creativeness, and friendliness among its members; to participate in public service designed to assist other Latinos and the community at large; to increase the number of Latinos at the University of Wisconsin Law School; to encourage the participation of Latino alumni in order to develop and remain responsive to the social, political, and academic needs of the Latino community; to participate in the law school admissions process; to assist members in academic development to ensure successful completion of legal studies; to rebut any racial or ethnic stereotype images of the Latino culture both within and outside the organization; and to advocate for the rights of the Latino community.

A Statement From Our President

Greetings! On behalf of the Latino Law Student Association (LLSA) I welcome you to our webpage. The members and the Executive Board of LLSA look forward to the 2014-15 academic year, and yet another opportunity to serve the Latino community and the community at large in Madison. This year LLSA is eager to expand its community outreach program by utilizing the experience of our network of seasoned professionals, as well as the knowledge of the current membership at Wisconsin Law School. The Community Immigration Law Center, along with Know Your Rights Presentations, are among many of the services which LLSA members not only help develop, but personally volunteer their time and energy to.

Additionally, this year will mark the revival of an effort to promote Hispanic/Latino Cultural Awareness at the law school and the city of Madison. Through a celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, a Series of Guest Speakers, and various Social Events throughout the year, it is the hope of LLSA that our organization will leave a mark on the people that support it in a unique and meaningful way.

I cordially invite you all to be a part of LLSA this year, and look forward to sharing with you the infinite opportunities ahead of us!


Lola Bovell