Law Students for Reproductive Justice is the local chapter of a national law student organization committed to furthering reproductive rights and increasing the understanding of reproductive justice issues. LSRJ encourages a broad discourse beyond the pro-choice v. pro-life debate, exploring the entire spectrum of reproductive justice issues.

2014-2015 Board Members
Liana Kapelke-Dale – kapelkedale@wisc.edu (President)
Sadie Jeong – minobe@wisc.edu (VP of Advocacy)
Veronica Sustic – sustic@wisc.edu (VP of Outreach)
Ashley Capacio – capacio@wisc.edu (VP of Finance)
Forrest Crawford – fcrawford@wisc.edu (VP of Business)

Want to join? Email us at uwlsrj@gmail.com to get on our listserv so you can stay up to date on reproductive justice news and events at the law school, on campus, and around the world.