• About Us

    The Middle Eastern Law Students Association seeks to promote greater understanding of Middle Eastern cultures, politics and legal institutions. The group is designed to serve as a discussion forum for students of Middle Eastern descent as well as those interested in the region to exchange ideas and opinions. MELSA hosts a variety of educational events including, colloquia, political discussions, and documentary and other films highlighting the social and political dynamics of the Middle East. MELSA also hosts a number of social outings including dinners and parties featuring Middle Eastern cuisine and music. The group welcomes anyone with an interest in the Middle East to join.

    Executive Board

    President, Elizabeth Shimek
    Vice-President of Academic Affairs, Ryan Platt
    Vice-President of Community Affairs, Erin Gasparka
    Secretary, Kenton Knop
    Treasurer, Stephanie Kreager
    LEO Representative, Olivia Mote