Bombay High Court Virtual Museum

PICT0013 (2)The Bombay High Court has launched an incredible new collection of online resources for legal historians. This virtual museum offers us a glimpse of artifacts like Sir Dinshah Davar’s famous horsehair wig and furniture from the colonial courtroom, as well as court architecture from Bombay, Nagpur, Aurangabad and Goa. All of this is great especially if you’re working on material culture or spatiality and legal history.

This website is also a digital archive. I’m most excited about the scans of manuscript judgments–archival materials held at the BHC that until now took a lot of time and effort to access. The job of making these materials available is a mammoth task. The BHC judgments for 1864 alone consist of 1073 judgments, for instance. Many more years’ worth of material remain to be posted. But right now let me say: thank you, BHC, for sharing your riches with the world! We hope you can keep adding to what is already a phenomenal website.

(And thanks to Abhinav Chandrachud for the news.)