History of Forensics conference in London

An important conference on the history of forensics is happening in London next month. “Locating Forensic Science and Medicine” (24-25 July 2015) will be held at University of Notre Dame Global Gateway in Trafalgar Square. The workshop is organized by Ian Burney and Neil Pemberton (CHSTM, Manchester), along with Chris Hamlin (University of Notre Dame).

A good hub of scholars working on colonial South Asia and the British Empire will be presenting papers. Projit Mukharji (U. of Pennsylvania) is speaking on forensic graphology in British India. Gagan Preet Singh (JNU) will present on tracking in colonial Punjab. David Arnold (U. of Warwick) will be speaking on arsenic in colonial India, while I (UW-Madison) will be speaking on blood testing also in colonial India. Binyamin Blum will be presenting work on “dog science” in the British Empire. Jeffrey Jentzen (U. of Michigan) will look at death investigation in the empire, and Heather Wolffram (U. of Canterbury) will consider forensic knowledge and networks in the empire.

You can register to attend until 10 July 2015 (conferences@nd.edu).

We hope you can join us!