CRN22 goes to Mexico

It was fantastic to see so many South Asianists at the Law and Society Association‘s 2017 international meeting in Mexico City recently. There were a bunch of panels sponsored by the South Asia Collaborative Research Network (CRN22), which I organize. These included:

  • “Corruption in South Asia, past and present” with Andy Spalding, James Jaffe, Nicholas Abbott, Elizabeth Lhost, Mitra Sharafi, and Simanti Dasgupta
  • “Afterlives: Postcolonial Laws and their colonial antecedents in South Asia” with David Gilmartin, Neeti Nair, Anand Yang, and Mithi Mukherjee

Some CRN-sponsored panels were also International Research Collaboratives (IRC). IRC 11 looks at legal institutions across South Asia, while IRC 16 examines law and visual culture in South Asia:

  • “Diffused Present and Entangled Pasts: Law and its consequences in South Asia” (IRC 11) with Cynthia Farid, Maryam Khan, Dinesha Samararatne, Yugank Goyal, and Golnoosh Hakimdavar
  • “Politics, Sociality and Images of Justice” (IRC 16) with Mayur Suresh, Srimati Basu, Werner Gephart, Amit Prakash, and Raja Sakrani
  • “Law, Publicity and Evidence” (IRC 16) with Leslie Moran, Mayur Suresh, Pratiksha Baxi, and Mani Shekhar Singh
  • “Picturing Law” (IRC 16) with Mani Shekhar Singh, Rahela Khorakiwala, Jayati Srivastava, Shailesh Kumar, Trish Luker, and Katherine Biber

Two CRN22 panels were book-related:

Full details on all of the above are available here.

We also had about 35 people come to the annual CRN22 lunch (co-sponsored by CRN15: British Colonial Legalities).

Naturally, the conference program had some serious competition from the sights and tastes of Mexico City. Fellow conference-goer Mark Massoud published this “love letter to Mexico City” in the San Francisco Chronicle right after the trip; it captures the sentiments of many of us! Some of us are on a Mexican cooking spree since returning, too. Check out the “Mexico in my kitchen” blog if you’re looking for recipes (thanks, Swethaa Ballakrishnen!). And as a historian, I must share some fascinating tidbits connecting India and Mexico:

All of this is to say *gracias* to the LSA for taking us to Mexico City this time. It was a fabulous choice.

[updated on 12 July 2017]