• Citation Abbrev.

    Overview: The following abbreviations were used in the citation of cases in colonial South Asia. This list includes law reports and law journals from British India (including Burma), various Indian princely states, and the British Isles up to 1947. Unless otherwise indicated, series titles are from British India. Periodicals labeled “(Eng)” indicate law reports produced in Britain, normally covering cases heard in England and Wales. These serials sometimes included Privy Council cases, which originated in the colonies but were decided in London. Periodicals covering Scotland, Ireland and Ceylon are identified separately when their title does not indicate jurisdiction. For a more detailed list of Scottish and English abbreviations, see James Paterson’s Compendium of English and Scotch Law: stating their differences (Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black, 1865), pp.xli-xlii. Most titles below span the period from the mid-to-late nineteenth century until 1947-8, when India, Pakistan (including the future Bangladesh), Ceylon (later Sri Lanka) and Burma (later Myanmar) gained independence from Britain. However, some English reports date back to the early modern period.

    Sources: I have compiled this list from the “Abbreviations Explained” pages at the beginning of law reports, case digests, and treatises. These include Woodman’s Digest of Indian Law Cases (1902), the Criminal Law Journal of India (vol.3: 1906), Bose’s Digest of Indian Law Cases (1912), Saksena’s Muslim Law as administered in British India (1933), and Annaji Rao’s Privy Council Referencer 1811-1934 (1935). It also includes forms of abbreviation used in case law and law journal articles from across colonial India. (I thank Riyad Koya for his additions.)

    Format: Some publications used periods between capital letters, while others did not (e.g. A.I.R. versus AIR). This list does not distinguish between these forms. Because legal publications did not follow a uniform system of abbreviation, the same abbreviation may have been used across different publications for more than one law report series (e.g. BLR could mean Bengal Law Reports or Bombay Law Reporter). Similarly, one series of law reports could have several possible abbreviated forms  (e.g.. both “Mad.” and “ILR Mad” could refer to the Indian Law Reports Madras series). All variations are listed below. The most frequently used abbreviation for the Indian Law Reports included “ILR” (i.e. “ILR Mad,” rather than “M.” or “Mad.” for the Indian Law Reports Madras series). For the All India Reporter series, the most common form of abbreviation included “AIR”  (i.e. “AIR Pesh” rather than “Pesh.” for the All India Reporter Peshawar series). For further information on many of the titles included here, see my “Published Primary Sources” tab.

    A.                                 Indian Law Reports Allahabad series

    Acton                            Acton’s Reports, Prize Causes, Privy Council (Eng)

    AC                               Appeal Cases (Eng)

    Agra                             North-Western Provinces High Court Reports, Agra

    Agra F.B.                      North-Western Provinces High Court Reports, Agra

    Agra FB                        Agra Full Bench Rulings

    Agra FBR                      Agra Full Bench Rulings

    Agra HCR                     Agra High Court Reports

    AIR All                          All India Reporter Allahabad

    AIR Bom                       All India Reporter Bombay

    AIR Cal                         All India Reporter Calcutta

    AIR Cr                          All India Reporter Criminal Cases

    AIR Lah                        All India Reporter Lahore

    AIR Lower Burma       All India Reporter Lower Burma

    AIR Mad                       All India Reporter Madras

    AIR Nag                       All India Reporter Nagpur

    AIR Oudh                      All India Reporter Oudh

    AIR Pat                          All India Reporter Patna

    AIR Pesh                      All India Reporter Peshawar

    AIR PC                         All India Reporter Privy Council

    AIR Rang                      All India Reporter Rangoon

    AIR Sind                       All India Reporter Sind

    ALJ                              Allahabad Law Journal

    ALJR                            Allahabad Law Journal Reporter

    All                                Indian Law Reports Allahabad series

    All ER                           All England Reports (Eng)

    All HC                          North-Western Provinces High Court Reports,


    AMLJ                            Ajmer-Mewara Law Journal

    Atk.                              Atkins’ Chancery Reports (Eng)

    Atk.                              Atkyns (Eng)

    AWN                            Allahabad Weekly Notes

    B.                                 Indian Law Reports Bombay Series

    B. & Ald.                       Barnewell & Alderson’s Reports (Eng)

    Bald.                             Baldeva Ram Dave’s Privy Council Cases

    Beng.LR                       Bengal Law Reports

    BHC                             Bombay High Court Reports

    BLJ                              Bombay Law Journal

    BLR                              Bengal Law Reports

    BLR                              Bombay Law Reporter

    BLT                              Burma Law Times

    Beng LR                       Bengal Law Reports

    Beng. Sad. Rep.         Bengal Sadar Diwani Adalat Reports

    Bom                             All India Reporter Bombay

    Bom                             Bombay High Court Reports

    Bom                             Indian Law Reports Bombay series

    Bom HCR                     Bombay High Court Reports

    Bom LJ                         Bombay Law Journal

    Bom LR                         Bombay Law Reporter

    Bom PJ                          Bombay Printed Judgments

    Bourke                          Bourke’s Reports

    BR                               Ballasingham’s Reports

    Bur.LJ                           Burma Law Journal

    Bur.LT                          Burma Law Times

    Burma LJ                      Burma Law Journal

    Burma LR                     Burma Law Reports

    C.                                 Indian Law Reports Calcutta series

    Cal                               All India Reporter Calcutta

    Cal                               Indian Law Reports Calcutta series

    Cal LJ or CLJ                Calcutta Law Journal

    CB                               Common Bench (Eng)

    Cey LJ                          Ceylon Law Journal

    Ch.App.                     Law Reports, Chancery Appeals (Eng)

    Ch.D.                           Chancery Division (Eng)

    CLJ                              Calcutta Law Journal

    CLJ                              Cambridge Law Journal (Eng)

    CLR                             Calcutta Law Reporter

    Co.Rep.                        Coke’s Reports (Eng)

    Coke Inst.                     Coke’s Institutes (Eng)

    Cont.LR                        Contemporary Law Review (Eng)

    Cor.                              Coryton’s Reports (Calcutta)

    Cox C.C.                      Cox’s Criminal Cases (Eng)

    CPLR                           Central Provinces Law Reports

    Cr                                 All India Reporter Criminal Cases

    Cr.App.R.                     Criminal Appeal Reports (Eng)

    Cr.LJ                            Criminal Law Journal of India

    Crim. LJ                        Criminal Law Journal of India

    CWN                            Calcutta Weekly Notes

    De G. & J.                    De Gex & Jones, temp. Cranworth, Clemsford

    & Campbell (Eng)

    E.R.                             English Reports (Eng)

    El. & Bl.                         Ellis & Blackburn’s Reports (Eng)

    Ex.                               Exchequer Reports (Eng)

    Ex.D.                            Exchequer Division (Eng)

    F.                                 Family Division (Eng)

    F.C.                              Faculty Collections (Scotland)

    Fulton                           Fulton’s Reports

    Hay                              Hay’s Reports

    Hyde                            Hyde’s Reports

    IA                                 Law Reports Indian Appeals (Eng)

    IC                                 Indian Cases

    ILQ or IndLQ                 Indian Law Quarterly

    ILR All                          Indian Law Reports Allahabad series

    ILR Bom                       Indian Law Reports Bombay series

    ILR Cal                         Indian Law Reports Calcutta series

    ILR Lah                         Indian Law Reports Lahore series

    ILR Luck                       Indian Law Reports Lucknow series

    ILR Mad                        Indian Law Reports Madras series

    ILR Nag                        Indian Law Reports Nagpur series

    ILR Pat                         Indian Law Reports Patna series

    ILR Rang                      Indian Law Reports Rangoon series

    Ind. Cas.                        Indian Cases

    Ind. Dec. (O.S.)            Indian Decisions; being a Verbatim Reprint of the Reports of

    Cases Decided by the Late Supreme Courts and

    the Sudder Dewanny Adawluts in India

    Ind. Jur. N.S.                Indian Jurist, New Series

    Ind. Jur. O.S.                Indian Jurist, Old Series

    I.R.                               Irish Reports (Ireland)

    JCLIL                           Journal of Comparative Legislation and International Law (Eng)

    Johns. & Hem.              Johnson & Hemming’s Reports (Eng)

    KB                                King’s Bench (Eng)

    KBD                             King’s Bench Division (Eng)

    KLR                              Kathiawar Law Reports

    Knapp                           Knapp’s Reports (Eng)

    L.                                 Indian Law Reports Lahore series

    Lah                               All India Reporter Lahore

    LBR                              Lower Burma Rulings (or Lower Burma Chief Court Rulings)

    Le. & Ca.                      Leigh & Cave’s Crown Cases Reserved (Eng)

    LJEx.                            Law Journal New Series Exchequer (Eng)

    LM&R                           Law Magazine & Review: A Quarterly Review

    of Jurisprudence (Eng)

    LJP.                             Law Journal Reports (Probate, Divorce

    and Admiralty) (Eng)

    LJPro                            Law Journal, Probate Court (Eng)

    LLJ                               Lahore Law Journal

    LQR                             Law Quarterly Review (Eng)

    LR AC                          Law Reports Appeal Cases (Eng)

    LR CP              .           Law Reports Common Pleas (Eng)

    LR Ch.D                          Law Reports Chancery Division (Eng)

    LR Eq                           Law Reports Equity Cases (Eng)

    LR IA                            Law Reports Indian Appeals (Eng)

    LR KB                          Law Reports: King’s Bench (Eng)

    LR KBD                       Law Reports: King’s Bench (Eng)

    LR QB                          Law Reports Queen’s Bench (Eng)

    LR QBD                        Law Reports Queen’s Bench (Eng)

    LR P                             Law Reports Probate division

    LR PC                          Law Reports Privy Council (Eng)

    LR P&D                       Law Reports Probate and Divorce (Eng)

    LR Probate                    Law Reports Probate Division (Eng)

    LT                                Law Times (Eng)

    Luck.                            Indian Law Reports Lucknow series

    M.                                Indian Law Reports Madras series

    M.& W.                         Meeson & Welsby’s Reports (Eng)

    Mad                              All India Reporter Madras

    Mad                              Indian Law Reports Madras series

    Mad HCR                     Madras High Court Reports

    Mad LJ or MLJ              Madras Law Journal

    Marsh.                          Marshall’s Reports

    Marshall                        Marshall’s Reports

    MHC                            Madras High Court Reports

    MHCR                          Madras High Court Reports

    MIA                              Moore’s Indian Appeals (Eng)

    MLJ                              Madras Law Journal

    MLR                             Modern Law Review (Eng)

    MLT                              Madras Law Times

    MLW                             Madras Law Weekly

    Mod.                             Modern Reports (Eng)

    Moo. IA                         Moore’s Indian Appeals (Eng)

    Moo. PCC                     Moore’s Privy Council Cases

    MWN                            Madras Weekly Notes

    Mys LJ                         Mysore Law Journal

    Nag                              All India Reporter Nagpur

    NLJ                              Nagpur Law Journal

    NLR                             Nagpur Law Reports

    NLR                             New Law Reports (Ceylon)

    NW                               North-Western Provinces High Court, Allahabad

    NWPHC                       North-West Provinces High Court Reports

    or Reports of Cases of the High Court,

    North-West Provinces

    NWPHCR                     North-West Provinces High Court Reports

    or Reports of Cases of the High Court,

    North-West Provinces

    NWP (SDA)                  Sudder Reports of the North-West Provinces

    OC                               Oudh Cases

    OLJ                              Oudh Law Journal

    Oudh                            All India Reporter Oudh

    OWN                            Oudh Weekly Notes

    P.                                 Indian Law Reports Patna series

    P & D                           Perry & Davison’s Reports (Eng)

    Pat.                              Indian Law Reports Patna series

    Pat. LR                         Patna Law Reporter

    PD                               Probate, Divorce & Admiralty Division (Eng)

    Perry’s OC               Cases illustrative of Oriental Life, and of the application

    of English Law to India, decided by H.M. Supreme Court

    in Bombay, by Sir Erskine Perry, C.J.

    Pesh.                            All India Reporter Peshawar

    PHCC                          Patna High Court Cases

    PLJ                              Patna Law Journal

    PLR                              Punjab Law Reporter

    PLT                              Patna Law Times

    PLW                             Patna Law Weekly

    Pr.                                Price’s Reports (Eng)

    PR                               Punjab Record

    PWR                            Punjab Weekly Reporter

    QB                               Queen’s Bench (Eng)

    QBD                             Queen’s Bench Division (Eng)

    R.                                 Indian Law Reports Rangoon series

    R. & J.                          Rafique and Jackson’s Oudh

    Privy Council Decisions

    Rang.                           All India Reporter Rangoon

    Rang.                           Indian Law Reports Rangoon series

    Rat.Un.Cr.Cas.             Ratanlal’s Unreported Criminal Cases

    Russ. & Ry.                  Russell & Ryan’s Reports (Eng)

    Sar.P.C.J.                     Saraswati’s Privy Council Judgments

    Scots LT                       Scots Law Times (Scotland)

    SDA                             Reports of cases of the Court of

    Sudder Dewany Adawlut,

    by W. H. Macnaghten

    SDA                             Sudder Dewanny Adawlut (Bengal)

    Sess C                         Sessions Cases (Scotland)

    Sind                              All India Reporter Sind

    SLR                              Sind Law Reporter

    Str.                               Sir John Strange’s Reports (Eng)

    Suth.P.C.J.                   Sutherland’s Privy Council Judgments

    SWR                            Sutherland’s Weekly Reporter

    TLJ                               Travancore Law Journal

    TLR                              Times Law Reports (Eng)

    TravLJ                          Travancore Law Journal

    UBR                             Upper Burma Reporter

    [All India Reporter: Upper


    UBR                             Upper Burma Rulings

    UB Rep                       Upper Burma Reporter

    [All India Reporter: Upper


    Ves.                             Vesey’s Chancery Reports (Eng)

    Ves.Sr.                         Vesey (Senior’s) Chancery Reports (Eng)

    Weir                              Weir’s Criminal Rulings, Madras

    WLR                             Weekly Law Reports (Eng)

    WR                               Sutherland’s Weekly Reporter

    WRFB                          Sutherland’s Weekly Reporter, Full Bench volume


    [version updated on 16 May 2015]