Funding & Award opportunities

Here is a list of fellowships, grants, visiting scholars’ programs, and award opportunities for scholars working on South Asian studies, legal history, and socio-legal studies.

  1. Grants and fellowships: 

The organizations below offer relevant grants and fellowships. Be sure to read the eligibility requirements carefully, as some of these are aimed at scholars based in the US, Canada, India, or South Asia specifically. (I don’t have additional information on these, so please send your questions to the sponsoring body, not to me.)

Sponsoring organizations:

2. Visiting Scholars’ programs:

Visiting scholars’ programs often host fewer academics at one time than fellowship programs (above). They may offer less funding, too.

3. Awards:

Most of the book, article, and student awards listed here are on an annual cycle. Many welcome self-nominations.

a. Book prizes:

Most book awards aim to recognize scholarly monographs, and are not open to edited volumes, books of essays, textbooks, or critical editions. Although some awards are on a two- or three-year cycle, most competitions are annual and are only open to books published during the calendar year before the competition year. As a result, these deadlines are easy to miss.

b. Article prizes:

c. Dissertation prizes:

d. Student prizes: 

  • Law and Society Association–Graduate Student Paper Prize: for “outstanding law and society research,” including historical scholarship; 2-year cycle
  • Law and Society Association–Undergraduate Student Paper Prize: for “the undergraduate student paper that best represents outstanding law and society research”; 2-year cycle

(version updated on 9 July 2019)