My Publications

I have research interests in a number of fields, including:

(1) South Asian Legal History:

(2) History of Forensic Science:

  • 2016: Book review of David Arnold, Toxic Histories: Poison and Pollution in Modern India (Cambridge University Press, 2016), Law and History Review 34:4 (2016), 1071-3 (© Law and History Review 2016)

(3) History of the Legal Profession:

(4) Parsi & Zoroastrian Studies:

(5) Legal Pluralism:

(6) Slavery:

I have an page here.

Current research: I am currently working on a book project examining the history of forensic science and experts in colonial India. I am also writing articles on abortion in colonial India and on the disbarment of South Asian and West African law students from the Inns of Court.

Opinion pieces:

[updated on 13 Nov. 2018]

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