Past Symposia

Not all past symposia have information that is easily entered onto this site. Please check the past issues page– some symposia’s proceedings were published in journals.

  • 2012: Renewable Energy & Climate Change: Opportunities & Challenges.
  • 2009: Global Climate Change and Sustainable Development:
    Challenges and Opportunities for International Law (2009 Symposium Flyer)
  • 2008: Dialogue on Cross-Border Health Care
  • 2007: Islamic Law in a Globalized World: Implications for
    Contemporary Finance Law
  • 2006: Humanitarian Intervention After 9/11
  • 2005Economic Globalization and Corporate Governance
  • 2004Speaking Law to Power: International Law and
    Foreign Policy
  • 2003The Newly Established International Criminal Court
  • 2002Access to Medicines for the Developing World:
    International Facilitation or Hindrance?
  • 2001A Right to Democracy?
  • 2000National Merger Enforcement, Transnational Mergers,
    and the Global Economy
  • 1999Regulation of International Capital Markets

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