The Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society announces our 2015 Symposium:
Civil Rights in the Digital Age: Developing Effective Legal Responses to Cyber Sexual Harassment
March 20, 2015
University of Wisconsin Law School
Madison, WI
Call for Submissions
The Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society is proud to announce our 2014-2015 writing program members!
Congratulations to:
Lauren Bishop
Adam Bowers
Keyon Brown
Erin Burns
Emily Eklund
Neal Fitzgerald
Claudia Harke
Christopher Mackey
Rory McGarry
Samantha Schacht
Margaret Seifert
Bailey Steffes
Jasmine Trimble
Max Wessels
Sarah Zwach


The Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society proudly announces our 2014 Symposium:

The Threat From Within: Current and Alternative Response to Sexual Assault in the Military
Friday, February 21, 2014, 830am-500pm
H.F DeLuca Forum, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery
Madison, Wisconsin

The problem of sexual assault in the military has persisted throughout history and the risks associated with military service are compounded by the reality that sexual assault rates are disturbingly high in this institution. We will have law professors, military members and legal practitioners from around the country present their forthcoming articles addressing the current state of sexual assault in the military and what has and can be done to protect survivors.


For more details on the event, see our events page.


(This event is FREE for UW Faculty, Students, and Staff, but registration is still required)


WJLGS to collaborate with Law School and ILS on Fall 2013 Issue in honor of Professor Margo Melli

The Call for Submissions is now closed.


Special Summer 2013 Issue: In Memoriam Professor Jane Larson

The Journal is proud to announce the publication of  a Special Summer 2013 Issue in honor of the late Professor Jane Larson.
The Issue has now been published, and content may be viewed here.


2012-2013 WJLGS Writing Program

The Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society proudly announces its 2012-2013 Writing Program Members. Congratulations, new writers!


UW Law Students:  Volunteer to Cite-Check for the Journal

What cite-checkers do: The Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society is the only journal at the University of Wisconsin Law School that allows first-year students to participate.  First-year students can participate in the Journal’s cite-checking program, getting articles ready for publication in the Journal.  Students are assigned approximately ten footnotes from an article and are given ten days to check the citations.

Why participate: Through cite-checking, students learn to apply the Bluebook rules and citation formats, and get a sense of what journal articles are like.  The skills students gain through cite-checking are valuable for class work and for writing memos and briefs in both Legal Research and Writing and summer internships. After participating in the cite-checking program, students are eligible to apply for an appointed editorial team position with the Journal.

The next opportunity to cite-check for the Journal will be during the Spring 2013 semester.  Further details will be announced as that time draws closer.


Dear Wisconsin Women’s Law Journal alumni, colleagues and friends:

The 2007-2008 Editorial Board of the Wisconsin Women’s Law Journal is excited to share a significant announcement regarding the future of the Journal.

In January 2008, with Vol. XXIII, Number 1, the Wisconsin Women’s Law Journal will become the Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society.

For years, the editorial board discussed changing the Journal’s name.  Other law journals that began as “womens” law journals began to change their names, becoming “gender” law journals. Initially, the members of the Wisconsin Women’s Law Journal did not see a pressing reason to follow their lead.

In March 2007, the editorial board felt that the time had come.  The discussions and the decision to change the name were not taken lightly.  We came to see, however, that the advantages to the Journal outweighed any disadvantages.

The new name is more closely aligned with the Journal’s mission statement.  For twenty-two years, the Journal has been seeking scholarship that, “examine[s] the intersection of law and gender with issues of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and sexual orientation.”  As the Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society, we will continue to publish articles with this content, now under a more inclusive name that acknowledges the impact of gender on the legal system, without reference to one sex.

We believe the new name will also attract submissions that more closely reflect our mission statement.  We hope the new name will advertise the type of content and scholarship we look to publish. The ideas explored in the Journal simply outgrew the former name.  The new name better represents the fundamental mission of the Journal, to explore the ways that gender and the law interact.

As the current board, we are optimistic and excited about the change.  We feel the Journal is more than a name. It represents a mission, a tradition of legal scholarship and a community of people who share a common goal.  We believe the new name will continue to strengthen that tradition of scholarship and community.

We will be celebrating this new name at our 2008 Symposium, “Working from the World Up: Equality’s Future.”  The Journal will co-sponsor this Symposium with the University of Wisconsin Law School, the Institute for Legal Studies, and the Feminism and Legal Theory Project at Emory University.  The conference will be hosted by Professors Victoria Nourse and Jane Larson of the University of Wisconsin Law School, and co-hosted by Professor Martha Albertson Fineman, Professor of Law and Director of the Feminism and Legal Theory Project.  The keynote address will be given by Patricia Williams, Professor of Law at Columbia University, and invited guests include Vicki Schultz (Yale), Jane Schacter (Stanford), Beth Mertz (Wisconsin and ABF), Boa Santos (Coimbra and Wisconsin), Robin West (Georgetown), Angela Harris and Leti Volpp (Berkeley), and others.  Please consider joining us on March 14th and 15th, 2008 for this interesting and exciting event.

Thank you for your continued support,

Editorial Board
Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society



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