The Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society proudly announces our 2014 Symposium:

The Threat From Within: Current and Alternative Response to Sexual Assault in the Military
Friday, February 21, 2014, 830am-500pm
H.F DeLuca Forum, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery
Madison, Wisconsin

The problem of sexual assault in the military has persisted throughout history and the risks associated with military service are compounded by the reality that sexual assault rates are disturbingly high in this institution. We will have law professors, military members and legal practitioners from around the country present their forthcoming articles addressing the current state of sexual assault in the military and what has and can be done to protect survivors.


We are proud to announce our scheduled presenters for the day:

Francine Banner, Military Sexual Assault and the Rights/Trust Dilemma


Michal Buchhandler-Raphael, Breaking the Chain of Command Culture: A Call for an Independent Investigative Body to Curb Sexual Assaults in the Military.


Rachel E. VanLandingham, Two for One: The Ethical Pursuit of Justice in the Military, And Battlefield Success, Through Joint Prosecutorial Decisions.


Jonathan P. Tomes, Practical Problems in Modifying the Military Justice System.


Seth Engel, When Sexual Assault is Not Provable Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: How Title IX and Student Discipline in Higher Education Can Help the Military Combat Sexual Assault.


Jonathan Lurie, The Transformation of Article 32: What and Why?



(This event is FREE for UW Faculty, Students, and Staff, but registration is still required)


Other Details:

A detailed agenda can be found here.

This event is funded by the generosity of the Wisconsin Experience Grant and the Associated Students of Madison, and is co-sponsored by the University Of Wisconsin School Of Sociology, QLaw, Wisconsin Women’s Law Student Association, and University of Wisconsin Veterans Law Center.


Any questions about the event may be addressed to Symposium Editor Nicole Williams at





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