Summer 2014 – Vol. XXIX, No. 2


Military Sexual Assault: A Comparative Legal Analysis of the 2012 Department of Defense Report on Sexual Assault in the Military: What it Tells us, What it Doesn’t Tell us and How Inconsistent Statistic Gathering Inhibits Winning the “Invisible War”

Tricia D’Ambrosio-Woodward, Esq.

Who are the Mothers Who Need Safe Haven Laws? An Empirical Investigation of Mothers Who Kill, Abandon, or Safely Surrender Their Newborns*

Diane S. Kaplan 


“This Bitch Got Drunk and Did This to Herself:” Proposed Evidentiary Reforms to Limit “Victim Blaming” and “Perpetrator Pardoning” in Rape by Intoxication Trials in California

Clare Carlson

Urban Struggles: An Analysis of Title IX and Urban High School Athletic Opportunities for Girls

Jennifer Pusch

*See Fall 2014 – XXIX, No. 3 

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