Spring 2000 – Volume XV, Number 1



Foreward Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson 1


Race and Two Concepts of the Emotions in Date Rape Andrew E. Taslitz 3


(these are mainly reprints of articles already published in the Journal, with short additional articles written by the same authors)

“The Little Project”: From Alternative Families to Domestic Partnerships to Same-Sex Marriage Barbara J. Cox 77
Alternative Families: Obtaining Traditional Family Benefits Through Litigation, Legislation and Collective Bargaining Barbara J. Cox 77
Introduction: Robin West Revisited, by Wisconsin Women’s Law Journal Senior Board Members Wisconsin Women’s Law Journal Senior Board Members 145
The Difference in Women’s Hedonic Lives: A Phenomenological Critique of Feminist Legal Theory Robin L. West 149
Introduction Beverly I. Moran 217
From Urinal to Manicure: Challenges to the Scholarship of Tax and Gender Beverly I. Moran 221
And Baby Makes None? R. Alta Charo 227
And Baby Makes Three — or Four, or Five, or Six: Redefining the Family After the Reprotech Revolutions R. Alta Charo 231
Introduction Victoria F. Nourse 255
Where Violence, Relationship, and Equality Meet: The Violence Against Women Act’s Civil Rights Remedy Victoria F. Nourse 257

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