Student Involvement

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board includes the Editor in Chief, the Senior Note and Comment Editor, the Senior Managing Articles Editors, the Senior Submissions Editor, the Business Editor, and the Symposium Editor. Editorial Board members are elected. The requirements for each position vary.

Editing Teams

The editing teams include Managing Articles Editors, Note and Comment Editors, and Submissions Editors. The editing teams are appointed by the outgoing board. The requirements for each position vary.

Writing Program

Students who wish to participate in the Journal‘s Writing Program must complete the write-on requirement. Write-on packets containing all of the information needed to apply for WJLGS membership are distributed toward the end of the Spring semester.

Cite-Checking Program

The Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society is currently the only journal at the University of Wisconsin Law School that encourages first-year involvement. First-year members of WJLGS check cite form and track down sources. There is no write-on process for first-year students; those who wish to join need only attend cite-check training, successfully complete a cite-checking packet, and attend the final proofing sessions that occur before each article is sent to the publisher.


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