The Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society publishes articles that focus on the full and equal protection of both men and women, free of gender stereotypes, in all aspects of society. A majority of our articles speak from a legal or public policy stand point; however, we occasionally publish scholarly essays, memoirs, and book reviews. We publish professional as well as student pieces, especially those that have originated from our writing program.

The Journal encourages authors to submit submissions online through ExpressO. ExpressO is a secure online service that allows authors to submit manuscripts from any computer with Internet access and ensures prompt receipt of submissions.

Submissions can also be submitted directly to the Journal’s Senior Submissions Editor, Paisley Hoffman at

If a submission has already been published, or is to be published elsewhere, please indicate this fact at the time of the initial submission. Also, please keep a copy of the manuscript to facilitate communication with the Journal.

Manuscripts should be double spaced. Please allow generous margins and make sure that the text and footnote pages are consecutively numbered.

Texts and citations should conform to The Blue Book: A Uniform System of Citation (20th ed. 2015).


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