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  • University of Wisconsin Law School Faculty Scholarship Collection

    The University of Wisconsin Law School Faculty Scholarship Collection is designed as a digital home for all scholarly articles and publications that the UW Law School Faculty and Staff have written.
  • Alumni Photos

    The University of Wisconsin Law School has graduated thousands of students since being founded in 1868. One of the most popular highlights that alums visit when returning to visit the school is the collection of alumni photos that are located on the second floor of the Law Library. This collection is visited not only by returning alums, but also by families, historians, future students and anyone interested in seeing one part of the rich legacy of the UW Law School. 
  • University of Wisconsin Law School Law Journal Collection

    The University of Wisconsin Law School began publishing law reviews in 1920, and today is home to three highly regarded and widely circulated journals. The University of Wisconsin Law School Journal Collection encompasses the entire publication run of all of the University of Wisconsin Law School's law reviews, including the Wisconsin Law Review (1920-present), the International Law Journal (1982-present), the Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender, and Society (1985-present), and the Wisconsin Environmental Law Journal (1994-2002).
  • University of Wisconsin Law School Oral Histories

    The University of Wisconsin Law School has a long and rich history highlighted by the scholarly work by ground-breaking professors. Their story is the story of the Law School. In the Oral History Collection, UW Law School Faculty expand on their own experiences and background and discuss their work while at UW and beyond. The oral histories cover much of the Law School's history, starting in the 1920s up through the present day. Each oral history has been fully transcribed and indexed, allowing users to quickly search for a particular topic or keyword. Enjoy learning about UW Law's legacy and the achievements of UW Law faculty.
  • Law Library Archives

    A collection of materials archived at the Law Library. Includes journals and documents published by the law school.
  • Bhopal: Law, Accidents, and Disasters in India

    A collection of court documents and secondary material concerning the Bhopal accident that occurred in India in 1983.
  • Bhopal Popular Scholarship

    Newspaper, Journal, and Magazine Articles. These resources have restricted download access.
  • Bhopal Court Documents

    Publicly available court documents related to Bhopal.
  • Center for Public Representation

    The University of Wisconsin Law School is home to one of the most highly-rated and highly-regarded clinical programs in the nation. One of the first such clinics at UW Law was the Center for Public Representation (CPR), the precursor to the current Economic Justice Institute (EJI). The founder of the Center for Public Representation was Professor Louise Trubek. Professor Trubek wrote a history of the CPR and in the process, was able to digitize a large collection of historical materials related to the history of by CPR and EJI. These historical materials, reports, newsletters and policy papers make up this collection. In addition to these scanned materials, researchers may also access additional internal papers from CPR's history at the UW archives and the Wisconsin Historical Society.
  • Law Library Special Collections

    Special Collections hosted by the Law Library
  • UW Law History

    Documents of historical significance to the UW Law School community
  • Fairchild Lectures

  • Wisconsin Briefs

    Wisconsin Briefs Collection
  • Kastenmeier Lectures

  • MEOC Decision Digest Collection

    The Madison Equal Opportunities Commission "Digest of Discrimination Cases" is designed to assist the public in general and the legal practitioner in particular. It is intended to help direct interested persons to the full text of decisions in cases brought under Section 39.03, Madison General Ordinances, the Equal Opportunities Ordinance. In addition to being useful in the hearing and settlement processes, it is also intended to assist in the prevention of discriminatory practices.