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2007 Kastenmeier Lecture- The National Security Constitution in a Time of Terror Lecture
2008 Kastenmeier Lecture- Economic Injustice Lecture
2009 Kastenmeier Lecture- Re-imagining criminal justice Lecture
2011 Kastenmeier Lecture- Bridging the Divide Between Congress and the Courts Lecture
2012 Kastenmeier Lecture- Software Patents and the Return of Functional Claiming Lecture
2013 Kastenmeier Lecture- Crossing the Line: Watergate,The Criminal Law and Ethics Lecture
2014 Kastenmeier Lecture-Just Mercy: Confronting Mass Incarceration and Excessive Punishment in America Lecture
2015 Kastenmeier Lecture- Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner Lecture
2000 Fairchild Lecture- Will the Death Penalty Remain Alive in the Twenty-First Century? Lecture
2001 Fairchild Lecture- The Role of Social Science in Shaping the Law Lecture
2002 Fairchild Lecture- Revitalization of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin in the Mid 20th Century Lecture
2003 Fairchild Lecture- The Role of District Courts Lecture
2004 Fairchild Lecture- Citizenship In A Time of Repression Lecture
2005 Fairchild Lecture- Upholding an Oath to the Constitution: A Legislator's Responsibilities Lecture
2006 Fairchild Lecture- Thomas E. Fairchild: A Judge's Legacy Lecture
2007 Fairchild Lecture- Snapshots from the Seventh Circuit: Continuity and Change, 1966 to 2008 Lecture
2008 Fairchild Lecture- Thoughts on How the Legal System Treats Jurors Lecture
2010 Fairchild Lecture- Abraham Lincoln: a lawyer for the ages Lecture
2011 Fairchild Lecture- Federal Sentencing Policy Lecture
2012 Fairchild Lecture- Inequality, Individualized Risk and Insecurity Lecture
2013 Fairchild Lecture- The War on Drugs Lecture
2014 Fairchild Lecture- Protecting the 4th Amendment So We Do Not Sacrifice Freedom for Security Lecture
2015 Fairchild Lecture- All in the Family: a judicial legacy, Edward and Thomas Fairchild Lecture
2016 Fairchild Lecture- Our Justice System at an Inflection Point Lecture
Women Lead the Way: From Violence to Non-Violence, From Greed to Sharing, From Hate to Love Lecture