Welcome! My name is Mitra Sharafi and I am a legal historian of colonial South Asia at the University of Wisconsin Law School and UW Legal Studies program. I’m also affiliated with UW’s History Department and Center for South AsiaFor my bio and CV, please see my faculty webpage.

I started this website to share resources for the historical study of law in South Asia.

Many of these tools focus on the later colonial period of South Asian legal history, when British India was under the Raj (1858-1947). Interested in the early colonial period? I recommend Mitch Fraas’ Anglo-Indian Legal History blog and his short piece here. For general guides to doing research on Indian law, there is Theodore A. Mahr’s “An Introduction to Indian Legal Research and Indian Law” (Delhi: Indian Law Institute, 1986) and Sunil Rao’s “India: A Legal Research Guide” (a UW Law Library online guide).

I’m a member of the UW South Asia Legal Studies Working Group and the UW Legal History Working Group. I am also listed in the UW Experts’ Guide.

With colleague Sumudu Atapattu, I organize the Annual South Asia Legal Studies Workshop in Madison, Wisconsin, every October. This event happens on the first day of the Annual Conference on South Asia in Madison. Here is the program for the 2017 workshop (Oct.26, 2017). The Call for Proposals & Commentators for the 2018 workshop (Oct.11, 2018) will be posted online soon.

With colleague  Marc Galanter, I also organize the Law and Society Association’s South Asia Collaborative Research Network (CRN 22), a group that meets once a year and presents panels on South Asia at the Annual Law and Society Association meeting. I am delighted to say that we celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2015. Here is the  CRN’s home page. To sign up, send me an e-mail.

Please send me any comments and suggestions about this website at mitra.sharafi@wisc.edu. Unfortunately, I don’t have any further information on the individuals listed on my “South Asians at the Inns” tab.

Many thanks to the UW Law School’s webmaster, Karen Koethe, for her help in developing this site.

[updated on 17 Oct. 2017]